Turning Davids into Goliaths

Leading Differently

With a solid foundation in marketing, sports clubs can establish and promote a strong brand, letting let their sports passion shine and build a community of fans around the world. Instead of struggling to stay afloat, sports clubs can fourish, building international support, and growing their operational budgets exponentially.

This is where ChallengerX comes in. We help you get your brand basics right, help you build an international community of dedicated fans and supporters, and help you monetize your newfound following, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the club.

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 Bottom-up branding re-vamp gives you a professional look on the field and online.

New website, social pages, and a content strategy help build an audience of fans at home and abroad.

An e-store, mobile app, and renewed web presence will help your newfound fanbase show loyalty through merch sales.

Step-by-step guide and personal support to get multi-year sponsorship deal and grow.

Get your games syndicated with broadcasters around the world, or consider raising funds through your own branded token.

We know exactly how to help your club navigate the next step, whatever that step may be.